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Is your garden ready to emerge?

Add value to your property and make the most of your outdoor room

I am a garden designer, based in Newquay, Cornwall but I offer a garden design service further afield as well.

The first step is to give me a call and talk through what you need. I provide the following services.

Garden design

From tweaks to the layout of your existing garden through to a total remoulding of the space. Making it work for you, whether thats a stylish entertaining space or a great family hang out. I produce detailed scale drawings and visuals either by hand or by 3D digital model.  I offer a full project management service. I work with a number of trusted landscapers, or one of your choice.

Planting design

New planting to stimulate the senses and bring your garden to life. I produce new planting plans to scale and can offer a planting service. I love focusing on edibles and plants with a high value to pollinators, creating stunning displays full of structure, colour, texture and scents.


Don't know your M106 from your M27 rootstocks? Want to help the plight of the bumblebee?  I offer a consultancy on  gardening for wildlife, fruit and vegetable gardening and cut flowers for events.

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