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Eco-friendly gardens - incredibly edible and working for wildlife without compromising on style


I believe you can design a stunning, contemporary garden whilst also making a positive contribution to our planet.

Gardens are about being out in the open air, connecting with place and being 'closer to nature'. Why then would we want design a garden that didn't do everything it could to boost nature, health and well being? Nature is in trouble. Bee populations are crashing. Hedgehog numbers have reduced by 60% in the last 20 years and predicted to become extinct in the next 20! Our gardens are a huge habitat resource upon which many of these creatures rely.

Climate change is happening and we'll all have to adapt to changing weather patterns, more extreme weather events, flooding and food scarcity.  I believe that gardens can play a huge part in how we cope with climate change, particularly in the management of water and in the production of food. Positively, the warming of the climate is beginning to offer more scope for growing a wider range of fruit and vegetables, especially in Cornwall.

I will always encourage my garden design clients towards consideration of low carbon sustainable construction, sustainable drainage, recycled materials, planting for wildlife (particularly pollinators)  and edible planting. I am also keen to get more people using their gardens for wildlife benefits and food production through my consultancy service.




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